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Hello my name is Amanda “The Best Psychic in the West Village”!


At a very young age, I began having experiences such as astral travel, precognitive dreams and the sensing of spirits, faeries, unknown places and memories. I realized I was an intuitive Psychic and was encouraged by my Grandmother and Great Grandmother to share my gift. I then began mastering the art of the Tarot Cards and Psychic Intuition.
This led me to a path where I was able to spiritually help others and myself.
When doing a reading, it is as if I am reading a fascinating book about the person’s life, and I receive insight as to how the person’s story will currently unfold. I am willing to discuss all subjects with an open mind. I am excellent with relationships and love life questions, as well as financial and career readings. I can read with a specific question or give general forecasts without any information.

I look forward to helping you design the next chapter of your life. Don’t let your future be a mystery hope to see you soon!


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