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My Service

My Services

I offer mind, body & spiritual cleansing that may help remove negativity & obstacles. Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing helps to restore balance in your life.
I offer guidance and solutions to problems concerning, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Business, LGBT Romance, Cheating or break-ups. Counseling for even the hardest felt family issues. Anxiety, Depression.
Call me today for the most powerful and accurate reading that you may ever encounter. I will share with you the ancient secrets that others are still searching for.
I believe that your spirit guide or your inner voice has led you to my doorstep! It’s up to you now. Do you open the door and turn a new leaf or do you remain in the dark.

My Readings

My Psychic Readings can help create a better understanding about your love life. Though our psychic sessions, my guidance can help to bring passion, clarity and sole purpose back into your life, guidance to help return an ex-lover, assist you in finding your true Soulmate. Together we clear blockages that may inhibit your happy future.

Love & Relationship Guidance is my Specialty. Using proven methods to bring many couples together with a harmonious Soulmate/Twin Flame bond that transcends time.
Nothing happens by coincidence! Schedule Your Appointment Today!

List Of My Readings
Available for private or corporate events. Call For Rates.
All Service Are Private & Confidential!

~$25 Special Palm Readings
~Psychic Reading-$65
~Half Deck of Tarot Cards $75
~Full Deck of Tarot Cards $85
~Facetime Reading-$95
~Crystal Ball Reading-$150
~Love Reading-$150
~Aura Reading $175
~Twin Flame Reading-$200
~Full Life Reading $300
~Past Life Reading $450